CTCS Green Coffee Team

Combining centuries of cumulative years of in-origin, supply chain and international trade experience with an unbridled passion for quality and service in our coffees. The CTCS team warmly welcomes you to our website and we invite you to contact us and join our exciting journey.

Paul Cooke

Trader, UK / International & Global Head of Coffee

Location: Sevenoaks, UK

Paul moved 'temporarily' to the coffee trade from a Banking, Treasury and FX trading background. 28 years later he’s still here! Starting out as a trainee with D R Wakefield, he went on to become Trading Director there. Having gained further experience in various roles within the trade, Paul was recruited to CTCS in 2012 to oversee the relocation of the coffee trading office from Hamburg back to the UK. Paul heads up UK and international trade from UK head office in Sevenoaks. 

Marion Ward

Head of UK Logistics

Location: Sevenoaks, United Kingdom

Marion Ward joined CTCS in 1997 after working in London for 25 years. Marion has worked in Logistics for around 45 years of which 23 years has been spent working for the CTCS Group. Marion leads a team of 6 people in the Coffee Logistics Department.

David Mollel

Country Manager & Commercial Coffee Trader

Location: Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania

David has been in the coffee industry for the last 33 years as he was born in a coffee growing family at the foot of Kilimanjaro. His journey towards began at ECOM-Tanzania where he worked for 6 years from managing wet mills to overseeing export operations. In 2019 David joined Kijani Hai Tanzania Ltd (KHTL) and he established export operations and the southern field operations. David is repsonsible for the performance of Kijani Hai Tanzania Ltd.

Emmanuel Sanga

Field Officer

Location: Mbinga, Tanzania

In 2012 Emmanuel he started is career in the Coffee Industry by joining Tutunze Kahawa Ltd under ECOM Tanzania. For his seven years with ECOM, he practiced his expertise in finance, marketing, warehousing and sustainability operations. In 2019 Emmanuel joined Kijani Hai Tanzania Ltd in supporting the company to develop Southern Tanzania field operations. His now working as Branch Manager overseeing the Southern Tanzania operations.

Sara Heighington

Company Treasurer

Location: Sevenoaks, United Kingdom

With 22 years specific trade finance banking experience from operations through collateral management into account management predominantly within Credit Suisse and ING Bank, Sara left banking in 2009 to manage the treasury function for Armajaro Trading Limited, latterly ECOM. Sara joined CTCS group in 2014 to establish a treasury function and undertake responsibility for group finance.

Bernard Chege

Head of Qualty in East Africa

Location: Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania

Bernard entered the coffee industry in 1995 as a casual worker and rose through the ranks becoming: a sample room assistance, warehouse supervisor, factory superintendent. In 2006 he acquired the coffee liquoring licence and Q grading certificate. In 2010 he joined Ecom Agribusiness as assistant quality manager in charge of Tanzania. In 2019 he joined Kijani Hai limited Tanzania /Kenya as Head of Quality for East Africa.

Benedict Mutala

Regional Head of Logistics

Location: Nairobi, Kenya

Benedict joined the Coffee Industry in 2009. He started as a logistics intern working for ECOM in Kenya and later rose to become a Logistics Manager within the group. After the 2015 merger between ECOM and Dorman, Benedict continued to serve a Logistics/Shipping Manager in charge of Tanzania operations until 2019 when he left ECOM Group to join Kijani Hai Tazania Limited. He is currently based in Kenya where he works as the Regional Head of Logistics for East Africa.

Nathan Doble

UK Logistics Coorindator

Location: Sevenoaks, United Kingdom

Nathan joined the world of commodities in 2016 working for Maviga where he spent a year in UK exports exporting pulses from the UK to various parts of the middle east. A year later he went on to join the CTCS Group where his focus is now on importing coffee into the UK to go into warehouse for onward distribution to the domestic market.

Mary Super

Field Officer

Location: Mbeya, Tanzania

Mary began her career in 2015 as a field officer in Starbucks's Tanzanian farmer supportive centre. In 2017 she joined COTACOF (SUCAFINA) as Sustainability Officer in Mbeya. In December 2019 Mary joined Kijani Hai Tanzania Ltd as the Sustainability and Local Logistics Officer. Mary spends much of her time coordinating with farmers in Mbeya and imparting Good Agricultural Parctices, post harvest processing, quality control and good governance within AMCOS.

Eliza Muhizi

Field Officer

Location: Moshi, Tanzania

Elizabeth Muhizi joined the coffee business in 2015 as a procurement and logistics officer at KPD PLC working with CTCS. In 2018 she joined CTCS to to start an organic project where she worked as a trader and project coordinator with KNCU in Kilimanjaro. Currently she is working with Kijani Hai Tanzania Ltd as the Sustainability and Local Quality Officer.

IsaaK Kamonga

Head of Finance Tanzania

Location: Moshi, Tanzania

Isaak joined the Kijani Hai team in September 2019 as financial controller, leading the finance team in Tanzania. Isaak is responsible for the delivery of finance services and reporting. Isaak is a Certified Public Accountant with over 7 years’ experience in the coffee sector providing professional services across a broad range of areas including tax compliance and reporting, business and project process reporting, audit management and financial reporting. Prior to joining Kijani Hai, Isaak held several positions in finance growing from being the Junior Accountant to Group Chief Accountant.

Amiry Idris

Shift supervisor and Technician

Location: Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania

After working in hotel industry for four years Amiry decided to join the coffee industry in 2011. He started working at Msumbi Coffee Ltd as Assistant Senior Technician for a year then in 2012 he joined ECOM Tanzania as Senior Technician before moving to Taylorian Tanzania in 2017. Amiry joined Kijani Hai Tanzania Ltd in 2019 as Head of Production and Technical.

Ben Jenkin

Specialty Operations: East Africa

Location: Tarime, Tanzania

Ben graduated with a MSc in Sustainable Development after researching conservation agriculture within smallholder maize farming communities in Zambia. On completion of his studies Ben gained roasting experience working for some premier coffee roasteries in the southwest of England before moving to Burundi in 2018 to take on a role as Quality Control Manager for the Long Miles Coffee Project. Ben joined CTCS in 2021 to enhance our specialty operations in East Africa. 

Salim Mohammed

Quality Controller and Q-grader

Location: Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania

Salim Started his journey in coffee industry since 2009 with Mawenzi Coffee as driver and lab assistant. He joined Tutunze Kahawa limited in 2014, here he trained and supervisied coffee cherry processing through to clean coffee export. In 2019 he joined Kijani Hai limited as Quality Controller for both their field and export operations.

Erica Kachuma


Location: Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania

Erica had been working as a clearing and forwarding agent handling coffee since 2016. In 2017 Erica started her career in the coffee industry by joining ECOM Tanzania as part of finance team. In 2019 Erica joined Kijani Hai and she is one of the KHTL finance team.

Nasra Firinki


Location: Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania

Nasra is a graduate from Dodoma University. She started her supply chain career by working in the transport industry. In this role she learned about the coffee growing regions in Tanzania and felt a desire to join the industry. In 2019 Nasra got the chance to start her career in the coffee industry as a trainee in export operations at KHTL. As a trainee Nasra is assigned to supervise all export warehouse activities.

Suleiman Ally Mshana

Machine Operator & Technician

Location: Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania

Suleiman graduated from Chang'ombe VETA in 2015 in Domestic Electrical Installation. He was self employed as an Electrician from 2016 to 2020 when he got a chance to work for Kijani Hai Coffee as a Machine Operator and Electrician. Suleiman now works as a Machine Operator and Electrician in the warehouse at Kijani Hai Tanzania Ltd.

Anastasiya Shykalai

Specialty Coffee trader and Q-Grader: UK

Location: Sevenoaks, UK

With a strong background in the FMCG sector focused on the Russian Market, Anastasiya realised a dream to enter the coffee industry by joining CTCS in 2017 as a trading assistant. Two years later she was appointed to her current role serving customers in the UK premium and specialty coffee market from head office in Sevenoaks. Anastasiya is proud to have become the first Belarussian woman certified Q grader.

Nicholas Snoek

Coffee Trader: UK

Location: Sevenoaks, UK

Nick’s background is in African peanut production! 10 years spent developing greenfield production and processing operations in Zambia, Malawi and Mozambique, working with commercial mechanised farmers and developing fully integrated small-scale supply chains. Nick joined CTCS in 2021 and hopes to apply his African agribusiness experience to his new role in the coffee trade, whilst cupping and learning as much as he can as fast as he can.

Amanda Clark

Coffee Trader: UK

Location: Sevenoaks, UK

Mandy launched her coffee career with the purchase of a coffee shop in Cape Town in 1996. She added 2 more coffee shops and a little later, acquired a roasting business. Now a coffee roaster herself, she quickly became a CTCS customer through our South African subsidiary, Sevenoaks Trading. Award winning coffees and acquisition of a mobile coffee franchise followed, but pressure built to relocate the family to the UK. Mandy joined CTCS in 2019 as Quality Controller and is now on the UK sales team.

Alex Wield

Coffee Trader: UK / International

Location: Sevenoaks, United Kingdom / East Africa

Alex began his coffee career in Vietnam in 2010. He spent the next 9 years running trading operations in West and East Africa for Armajaro and ECOM. In 2019 Alex joined CTCS to build our East African Export Operations. When he’s not travelling, Alex is based at head office in the UK.

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