Cup Profile: Grade1, Wet Polished Scr 18 Rainforest Alliance

A global benchmark from the world's second largest orgin, makes this a highly consistent component of espresso blends. Wet Polished produces a very clean cup. We are proud to support the dedicated farmers producing this coffee through the Rainforest Alliance commitment.

Origin: Vietnam (Vietnam)
Species: Robusta
Varieties: Catimor, TRS1, TR14, TR15
Processing: Natural
Rainfall: 1800mm PA
Altitude: 800-1200 MASL
Soil Type: Red Volcanic
Certification status: RFA
Cup profile: Light acidity, heavy body and classic Robusta flavour.

Related Qualities

Name Origin Processing Certification
Grade 1, Wet Polished Scr 16 Vietnam Natural None Select
Grade 1, Wet Polished Scr 18 Vietnam Natural None Select
Grade1, Wet Polished Scr 18 Fairtrade Vietnam Natural Fairtrade Select
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