Cup Profile: AB

Characterised by independent smallholders. Tanzania AB represents a standard within the variation of qualities. Acidity and flavour combine to provide a coffee that accommodates milk very nicely.

Origin: Tanzania (Tanzania)
Species: Arabica
Varieties: Bourbon, Kent, Catimor, Typica, SL28, Nyassa & N39
Processing: Washed
Rainfall: 1800mm PA
Altitude: 1200-2300 MASL
Soil Type: Red Volcanic
Certification status: None
Cup profile: Good Acidity and body support smooth citrus flavours to give a well rounded, versatile and stable coffee.

Related Qualities

Name Origin Processing Certification
PB Tanzania Washed None Select
Meru Tanzania Washed None Select
AB Tanzania Washed Organic Select
AB Tanzania Washed RFA/UTZ Select
Pure Mountain Water Process Tanzania Natural Organic Select
AA FAQ/ CPU Tanzania Washed None Select
AA FAQ/ CPU Tanzania Washed Organic Select
AA FAQ/ CPU Tanzania Washed RFA/UTZ Select
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