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Name Origin Processing Certification
Scr15+ Rwanda Washed None Select

More about Rwanda

Rwanda is a small, densely populated, landlocked country in East Africa. It’s temperate climate, high volcanic soils and rugged mountain ranges which are intersected by rivers and lakes, create a diverse range of unique environments for agriculture. Rwanda sits in the centre of the African continent and is bordered by Uganda in the North, Tanzania in the East, Burundi to the South and the Democratic Republic of Congo to the West. Much of the population of Rwanda live rurally and 90% of the population work in the agricultural sector.

Annual production: 250,000 bags
Altitude range: 1600 - 2200 masl
No coffee farmers: 400,000
Harvest times: March – June
Key growing regions: Kabrizi and Lake Kivu in the Western Province, Butare and Nyanza in the Southern Province, Rulindo in the Northern Province and Ngoma District in the Eastern Province
Typical varieties: Mainly Red Bourbon
Grading system: High Grade at Screen Size 16, Medium at Screen Size 15 and Ordinary at Size 14 or below
Processing type: Mostly Washed with a small amount of Natural

Production Information

Today coffee is grown in most parts of the country, most prominently in the Southern Province and around Lake Kivu in the West. Coffee is produced by more than half a million smallholder farmers. Typical farm size is 2 hectares of which half a hectare (between 150 and 180 trees) is planted with coffee; and the balance planted with subsistence food crops. Picking season starts in late February and continues through to late June for high altitude coffee, however there is a small fly crop which occurs in October and November. Almost all coffee grown in Rwanda is Arabica, 95% of which is the well-marketed Bourbon variety. Rwanda is renowned for its Red Bourbon coffee and the government closely monitors coffee production and is active in promoting Bourbon as the country’s mainstay variety for marketing and profile continuation. During harvest, coffee is handpicked by smallholder farmers and their families before being delivered to Washing Stations, typically located around 5km from the farm.

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