Impact and Sustainability

CTCS’s ethos is grounded in the philosophy that the interests of our farmers, suppliers and customers can be fully aligned with the health and progress of our planet. We maintain this ethos as the key driver for sustainable growth of the business. We are proud to showcase some examples of the positive work we are doing in origin to give back to the communities with whom we have developed such a close and mutually beneficial relationship.


Our projects are about impacting communities and bringing about positive change where we see potential or the need to do so. Project returns are varied and can include measured increase in rural household incomes to diversification of household income as well as positive environmental impact in our supply chains. Through our presence and partnerships in origin, CTCS faces the never-ending challenge of which projects to support in order to maximise our Impact Return On Investment – the "CTCS IROI."

We are committed to delivering quality product to our customers while delivering real positive impact in the rural communities and environment in which we work, because it is in our commercial interests to do so.

Tom Snoek,
Group Founder and CEO

Through our activities, CTCS is actively contributing to the following UN Sustainability Goals:

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